• 9th Grade Center                                                    Mrs. Hurtado & Mr. Porto

    Welcome to the WBH 9th Grade Center!
    * The Bobcat Den is in Building 7 *
    Please visit this page for information specific to the Freshman Class of 2023.
    We look forward to an incredible year of growth and academic advancement!

    9th Grader Center Staff:
    Mr. Porto ~ School Counselor
    Mr. Casado ~ Family Counselor
    Ms. Terribile & Mr. Rodriguez ~ 9th Grade Class Sponsors
    Mrs. D. Hurtado ~ 9th Grade Assistant Principal

    PASL School-based Innovative Design Team Members:
    Mr. Fatout ~ Principal
    Mrs. Dorsey ~ English
    Mrs.Badewa ~ Math
    Mrs. Tchir - Media Specialist
    Mrs. Nesmith ~ Drama Teacher
    Ms. Tesser ~ TV Production
    Ms. Yard ~ Science
    Mrs. Zorn-Milmed ~ Science
    PASL Personalization hour Teachers:
    Annette Suarez ~ English Teacher
    Ms. Palmer-Gooden ~ Reading
    Mr.Malcolm ~ Math
    Ms.Distefano ~ English
    Sgt. Sosa ~ ROTC- Leadership
    Ms. Cline ~ Math
    Mr. Rodriguez ~ Social Science 
    Ms.McAndrew ~ Science

    9th Grade Initiative:
    In support of the WBH Mission, "Promoting integrity, respect, and dignity by creating lifelong learners in a safe and trusting environment," the 9th Grade Center has a core group of teachers who are working with the PASL initiative.  PASL is a way of working with our students in a way that promotes Personalization for Academic and Social-emotional Learning.  Our goal is to help our 9th Graders R.I.S.E. through effective practices of ...
    * Respect ~ Integrity ~ Safety ~ Excellence *

    Please ask your Freshman to share with you the information shared in our small group classroom discussions, regarding course options, graduation planning, credit/GPA, and the PASL initiative!

    Your 9th Grade Teachers so proud to be a part of this fantastic group of Bobcats!
    The Class of 2023 is on their way to an incredible high school journey!

    Students: For those of you interested in working toward a specific GPA or Semester Grade, you may use the following website to see how each of the quarter grades work with the exams to create your semester grade for transcript records. The harder you work in the first steps, the easier the steps to follow will be!

    Plan for the grades you want!!  Click on the link below to see how the quarter and exam grades work towards your semester GPA!
    (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print PDF)