Pre-Kindergarten Supply List

  • Pre–Kindergarten Supply List 

    Backpack (STANDARD Size, No Wheels)

    2 PRIMARY Composition Books

    4 Boxes Tissues

    4 Rolls Paper Towels

    6 Large Glue Sticks

    2 Boxes of Eight Jumbo Crayons

    2 Boxes Regular Sized Crayons

    2 Packs of Expo Dry Erase Markers (Any Color)

    1 Pack of Ticonderoga “My First” Pencils

    1 Pack Regular Sized Ticonderoga Pencils

    1 Pack of Color Copy Paper (any color)

    2 Three Pronged Folders (any color)

    2 Two Pocket Folders (any color)

    3 Boxes of Ziploc Quart Bags

    3 Boxes of Ziploc Gallon Bags

    1 Box of Garbage Bags (Any Size)

    3 Containers Lysol Wipes

    1 Package Paper Plates

    1 Package Small Dixie Cups

    1 Package Brown Paper Bags

    1 Package White Paper Bags