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    Julie DeGreeff

    Principal’s Message 


    I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable Thanksgiving Break. It is hard to believe we are a few short weeks from the Winter Break, and soon this decade will be finished, and it will be 2020. I would like to thank PTA and all the parents and staff members who volunteered their time at the No Hassle Fundraiser Fun day. Our students had a wonderful time and it would not be possible without the support that you gave to our school to make it memorable for students. We have high expectations for our students and so we like to keep a balance and let the students have fun as well. We have the best families and the most wonderful support from all of you. You truly make Discovery Elementary A Great Place to Be!
    We have a busy schedule this last three weeks before the holiday break. We have the Kids Heart Challenge (formerly going on now through next week. Students will do their jump rope activity for the event at Field day. Each grade level will have a different day to compete and to have fun with the students in their grade level. Field days are December 12th - 19th. PTA will have Holiday Store for students during school on the week of December 9th. This is a fun time for students to shop for things for mom and dad or other family and friends for the holidays and still be able to have a surprise gift. If you would like your child to shop, please send them with their money and a brief outline of how much they can spend for each person you wish them to shop for. Volunteers try as much as possible to assist students and help them stay within your guidelines.
    The Winter Show will also take place on December 18th at 6:00pm. Our chorus club, sponsored by Dr. Morales, will perform a variety of holiday songs for us to enjoy. Thank you again for all of your support as we come to the close of the calendar year. I look forward to continuing to work in partnership to ensure all our students achieve to their fullest potential.
    The faculty and staff of Discovery Elementary School would like to wish all of our students and their families a joyous and safe Holiday Season.  
    Julie DeGreeff
    Proud Principal