Retention & Promotion

  • Elementary School K-5

    Promotion Criteria

    The School Board of Broward County is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of all students in a safe learning environment. Decisions regarding promotion and retention are based on state law and criteria defined in School Board Policy 6000.1 and apply to all kindergarten students; all first and second grade students who take the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT); and all students who take the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). This includes students with disabilities and limited English proficient (LEP) students.

    Student Progression Plan

  • Good Cause Criteria

    Students will be given multiple opportunities to show that they have learned what they need to know in order to be promoted. These opportunities will include different assessments presented in various ways.  If a student does not meet the promotion criteria on any of these assessments, there are some additional options called “good cause” for a student to be promoted. In some instances, students who have been previously retained, students who are disabled, and students who have limited English proficiency may be promoted if they meet certain requirements.