• How to Log into Pinnacle – Student Edition
    Pinnacle Website: http://gb.browardschools.com/pinnacle/gradebook
    Pines Middle Website: http://pines.browardschools.com (click on Links, then Pinnacle)

    When logging into Pinnacle, both staff and students will use the same website address.  Login, however, will distinguish whether it’s a staff member or a student.  No longer will you have to select the school you belong to.

     User Name

    For students – you must log in with your studentID@my.browardschools.com (see above).  Your password will be Pmm/dd/yyyy where mm is the month you were born, dd is the day you were born (must be two-digit format) and yyyy is the 4-digit year you were born.  The letter P must be capitalized in your password.

    Your new screen will look like this:


    From here, you can set up your email subscriptions under the “Options, Notifications” category on the lower left-hand side.  You will also be able to click on each class to see a list of assignments that make up that grade.  To email a teacher, click on the class, then the teacher’s name at the top of the screen (under the class name).  This will open up your default email program to allow you to send a message to your child’s teacher.

    How to log in to PINNACLE


Last Modified on October 29, 2019