• World Languages are offered at the middle school level as an elective.  Students receive high school credit upon successfully completing of the course requirements, which includes district standardized midterm and final examinations. World Languages plays a unique role in capturing the breadth of human diversity.  In this increasing globalized world, being multilingual is a necessary skill.  Learning a second or third language improves the student’s opportunities to compete in today’s job market.

    SPANISH 1:  This high school credit course will give you a head start in acquiring the highly marketable skill of speaking a second language.  Learn about Spanish cultures as you learn the basics of reading and speaking a new language. 

    SPANISH 2: This high school credit course is for students who successfully completed Spanish 1 in 7th grade.  You will earn an additional high school credit; and will become more fluent in written and spoken Spanish.



Last Modified on April 8, 2020