Exceptional Student Education

  • Support Facilitation

    Assisting Students in the Mainstream via a Support Facilitation Model

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    The ESE Support Facilitator’s role is to assist students by keeping up an open line of communication with the students, parents, and  teachers. This is done through communicating  with teachers in person, through classroom visits, via emails, etc. Support is provided by ensuring teachers are aware of and understand the accommodations needed by students in order to access the curriculum which they are accountable for, being available to teachers if they want to discuss students and/or lessons and by collaborating with teachers to best meet needs of students.  Students are assisted in their mainstream classes through both internal and external support. Additionally, teachers and students can set up small group or one on one assistance when needed for extra help or for extra time.

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    Cooper Crafts is a microenterprise created and operated by City High School's ESE PASS students. Students help design and handcraft decorative garlands, banners, confetti, and gift tags.

     Below is a list of our ESE staff for the 2018-2019 school year.

    Nicole Hicks
    Support Facilitator/Department Head

    Michele Kitman
    ESE Specialist

    Dr. Claudia Jones
    Support Facilitator

    Heidi Dermer
    Support Facilitator

    Nicole Garcia
    PASS teacher

    Tonia Castellanos
    Speech Therapist 

    Jorge Souza
    Support Facilitator 

    Anita Gilland
    SVE teacher

    Raquel Moon
    SVE teacher

    Assan Rose
    Job Coach


    Parent information can be found under our resources tab.