• Procedures for Sending Senior Final Transcripts!

    SENIORS…. You must order your FINAL TRANSCRIPT before your last day of school which is May 23, 2019. You may begin ordering your final transcripts on Tuesday, April 30th 2019. You can pick up a Senior Final Transcript Request form in the Brace office or in the Front office. The form is available on-line at

    WHY…. Your final Transcript is an important document REQUIRED by all colleges. The final transcript will have your final grades and your graduation date documented. Be sure to fill out the Senior Final Transcript Form (Green Form). The Senior Final Transcript Form is for 2019 GRADUATING SENIORS ONLY; all others use the yellow form.

    Florida colleges, If you are requesting your transcripts be sent electronically to a FLORIDA PUBLIC COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY, be sure to check the appropriate school on your Senior Final Transcript Form.

    Out of State Colleges, if you are going to an out of state or a private college or university then you must fill out the Senior Final Transcript Form to request a hard copy. The cost is $2.00 per hard copy (CASH ONLY) CBHS WILL NOT MAIL TRANSCRIPTS DIRECTLY TO YOUR COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY!!!!!

    Final transcripts will be not be available for PICK-UP until the County notifies us that Senior Transcripts are ready to be processed.

    Check the or website for the date that transcripts will be available.

    Once the date has been posted you can pick up your transcript – Monday – Thursday from 8:00am – 3:00pm. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PICK UP YOUR TRANSCRIPT AND YOU WOULD LIKE SOMEONE TO PICK IT UP FOR YOU, YOU MUST COMPLETE THE AUTHORIZATION SECTION ON THE Senior Final Transcript Form! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!

    AICE Cambridge Scores – you can find the Cambridge Examination Result Transcript Application Form under the AICE Tab on the website – Cypress Bay’s Center # is US629

    AP Scores – need to request on – they are not on your Final Transcript

    SAT Scores – need to request on – they are not on your Final Transcript

    ACT Scores – need to request on – they are not on your Final Transcript

  • Other Transcript Requests

    All 2014 – 2019 alumni may order transcripts (including health records) through Cypress Bay.  Classes of 2004 – 2013 alumni must order through the Broward Schools Records Retention Office or 754-321-3150.

    Alumni can mail their request to the attention of the Registrar’s Office @ 18600 Vista Park Blvd., Weston, Fl.  33332 or drop off an order to Gislaine Pinto school days from 6:30 am – to 10:00 am.  If someone other than yourself is dropping off your order, please provide written permission and a copy of your identification.  Thank you!