• Report an Absence

     When a student is absent, a parent must call or send a note to the attendance office the day before, the day of, or within two days following the absence or the absence will be considered unexcused. Our records cannot be adjusted after 48 hours. It is imperative that all absences are reported within the specified time. Absences due to illness, death, religious holidays, or subpoena may be reported the day before, the day of, or the day following the absence. Calls and notes must specify the student's name, the date of absence, and reason for absence. Absences of middle school students may be reported by telephone or written note. Failure by a parent to contact the school by note or telephone within the forty-eight hour time span will result in an unexcused absence. For personal reasons or special events, parents may contact the grade level administrator to arrange to get assignments for their child. The request must be made at least five days before the absence.

    The Main Office number is (754) 323 -8050.  It is best to speak with an office staff member directly.


    The School Board Attendance Policy 5.5 outlines the rules that apply to attendance and attendance procedures. You may review this policy and all school board policies on the web at:
    SBBC Policies or the Code of Student Conduct booklet.

    • Parents have 2 days (48 hours) in which to report an absence. Absences may be reported by telephone or written note.
    • The Attendance Policy allows eight reasons for an absence to be excused. Illness, illness of an immediate family member, death in family, religious holidays of the student's own faith, required court appearance, special event, scheduled doctor appointment, or student having, or suspected of having a communicable disease.
    • Make up work for credit and grade is allowed for ALL absences for Middle school students.