Maritime Magnet Program

  • Welcome to South Broward High School’s Maritime Magnet Program!! Our unique curriculum exposes young people to career choices in the maritime industry and encourages environmental stewardship for coral reefs, sharks, and our oceans. Most importantly, we seek to instill a reverence for our inimitable maritime culture, passed down to us from the days of the Tequesta Indians who first made their living here from the sea. Our students will go on to become the maritime community of the future.

    Our high school students are a highly trained resource for the marine community. They can dive on the reefs, count sharks, and design their own Geographic Information System (GIS) maps back at school. They display these maps on websites that they create with their teachers. They also build Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles (ROV) equipped with cameras and robotic arms. They use them to study the coral reef, view shark behavior, explore historic shipwrecks, and inspect mega-yacht hulls from local marinas.

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    Want more information about the magnet program? Contact Ms. Acher (754) 323-1811 or