• Complete the Cambridge Academy 2020-21 incoming 9th grade student application by clicking on the link below or by scanning the QR code:

    Cambridge Academy Application Link


    2021 Cambridge Application QR Code


    Complete the Cambridge Academy 2020-21 current 9th grade student application by clicking on the link below:

    Cambridge Academy Application Link


    Application Checklist for the Cambridge Academy at Everglades High School:              

    1.  Complete the online application as soon as possible.

    2.  On the application, be sure to print your first and last name to indicate your electronic signature as acknowledgement of our honor code, grading, attendance and admissions policies.

    3.  On the application, be sure to indicate the names of two current core teachers (language arts, math, science or social studies) who will serve as your references.  We will send a nomination form to each teacher.

    4.  If you are from a private school, a charter school, or a school outside of Broward County, then download a copy of the teacher nomination form below and ask two of your current core teachers to mail the completed forms to Dr. Cohen at Everglades High School.  The mailing address is indicated below.

    Download the Teacher Recommendation Form Here! (This is only for students who attend a charter school, a private school or a school outside of Broward County.)


    5.  Applications are checked on a rolling basis.  We will begin to send notifications to our Cambridge applicants at the end of January.  We will then continue to send out notifications on a monthly basis.

    For additional information, contact:
    John Tienjaroonkul
    Assistant Principal
    Everglades High School
    17100 SW 48th Court
    Miramar, Florida 33027