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  • Mentoring Partnerships: In the School to Work (STW) program, the Big (mentor) and Little (mentee) will connect with one another on a weekly basis through the Zoom platform for virtual mentoring with their Big. This will allow your child to build and share a friendship within a structured setting facilitated by a Big Brothers Bigs Sisters case manager, while promoting academic success & a better understanding of workplace culture.

JM Family Enterprises
  • Corporate Community Impact

    Our founder Jim Moran instilled the spirit of giving back as an integral part of who we are. We inspire action and engage our associates to strengthen the communities in which we live and work. We pursue that goal through support and volunteerism. We contribute our time and talent to impact diverse causes driven by our culture, associates and the community.

      We focus on:
    • Empowering Families
    • Promoting Education
    • Embracing the Environment
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  • The City of Deerfield Beach and Deerfield Beach Middle School have partnered up to provide a team of 7th Grade Jr. Bucks with a high engagement hands on learning experience based on some of the Civics Standards.   The students and City of Deerfield Beach Department Team members reviewed concerned areas in their departments and utilized the student lens to provide solutions.  The areas are as follows:

    • Parks and Recreating: Deerfield Beach Middle School Pool Renovation Project
    • Environmental Services: Recyclable Water
    • Environment Services: Fluoridation in Drinking Water
    • Community Development - Affordable Housing
    • Community Development - Education Initiative
    • Sustainable Management - City Recycling Initiative
    • Sustainable Management - Plastic Effect on Marine Ecosystem
    • Planning - Pioneer Grove
    • Planning - Code Compliance