• Ninth Grade Academy Coordinator | Jondria Thompson | 754.322.0674

Ninth Grade Academy
  • The primary goal of the 9th Grade Academy is to increase our students’ achievement level by helping them realize they CAN and WILL succeed.

    The 9th Grade Academy has been set up to help students obtain knowledge in their pursuit of a bright future. Our Academy provides guidance in helping students set their short and long-term goals, stresses the importance of school, and provides positive feedback to our students and staff. This will lay the groundwork for success. Frequent recognition of student’s and staff, in and out of the classroom, is a vital part of improving student achievement.

    The vision of the 9th Grade Academy is to share in the joys and challenges students face everyday at Deerfield Beach High School. We look forward to working with all students. We are optimistic that the time we spend together will enable students to enjoy their high school experience, and experience students will remember for a lifetime!

    Keith Roberson | Ninth Grade Assistant Principal – 754.322.0682

    Jondria Thompson | Ninth Grade Academy Coordinator  – 754.322.0674


  • The Ninth Grade Academy teachers at DBHS nominate and recognize the efforts of deserving 9th grade students each month for their efforts in achieving success in their attendance, behavior, and course work.