• FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. How can we pay for aftercare? We highly suggest paying online at the estore (up to 11pm on the “Last Day to Pay”)--- https://estore.browardschools.com You can also pay in person at school with most major credit cards (except Discover) or money orders and cashier’s checks. We do not accept personal checks.

    2. How much time do the children get for homework? We schedule a 30 minute homework block Monday through Thursday. If a child needs more time, then they can continue during the next activity block.

    3. Does someone check my child’s homework? Our counselors do not check each child’s homework, but will check for completion. If it becomes an issue, please notify the program supervisor. Q: Is there homework help available? Yes, there is a certified teacher on staff Monday through Thursday to assist students who need help with their homework.

    4. What happens if I forget to make a payment by the payment deadline? The child will be automatically withdrawn and will need to be registered again in order to rejoin the program. Please make sure we have your most up to date email address, as we email payment reminders. (We also post reminders on our Facebook page and at the front desk. In addition, we give out printed reminders at pick-up time at least a week before the due date)

    5. Is there a deadline for scholarships? Each pay period has a specific deadline to apply by in order to be effective for that pay period. See Mrs. Fernandez for more details.

    6. Do students have to be in aftercare to attend cheerleading? They do not have to be enrolled in aftercare. Cheerleading is open to all students at our school. (Program information will be sent home in spring)

    7. Can we have automatic payments set up for aftercare? Unfortunately, that is not available at this time.

    8. Can I call ahead to have my child ready for pickup? We are unable to call for your child ahead of time. We must confirm identification and ensure that the person picking up is in fact on the authorized pick-up list.

    9. Can we send in cupcakes for a child’s birthday to celebrate in aftercare? We no longer allow birthday celebrations in aftercare. We have students with many different food allergies and any edible products must be approved in advance. You can send in treats for the class to share during their lunch time.

    10. Can my child bring toys to aftercare? Students are not allowed to bring toys/games to aftercare. They often get broken, stolen or lost. We supply all toys and games for all groups.

    11. Who do I speak with about a concern that I have? Please address all concerns to the supervisor of the program, Mrs. Fernandez (754) 322-8175 email: kimberly.j.fernandez@browardschools.com

    12. Where can I get a schedule for the weekly aftercare activities? Weekly schedules are always posted on the office wall. It used to be posted on our website, but now we will be having an email signup for those parents that wish to have it emailed to them for your convenience.