• About the Practice Tests

    The purpose of the practice tests is for students to become familiar with the CBT system, functionality, and item types; the practice tests are not intended to guide classroom instruction. Descriptions and response instructions for each item type are included in the Practice Tests Quick Guide. Users should refer to the tutorials on each item or the guide to familiarize themselves with the different features and response instructions for each item type.

    Please see the list on the right of this page for the availability of practice tests.

    Answer keys for English Language Arts (ELA) Reading and Mathematics practice tests that list the item, correct answer, and grade level/subject of each item are also available for each published training/practice test. ELA Writing rubrics are available under the FSA Resources section (http://fsassessments.org/resources/).

    Computer-based practice tests are designed for use with the Secure Browser or a supported web browser. The supported web browsers for the practice tests are Firefox 52–54, Chrome 59–62, Safari 7–11, Internet Explorer 11, or Edge. Use of an updated browser (i.e., a newer version of the listed browsers) may result in some features of the practice tests not functioning correctly. Browsers not listed here (e.g., Opera) will not work with the practice tests.