• Art with Mr. Rollins
    Mr. Rollins

    Mr. Rollins is also known as "Mr. Country Isles". That's because he has a tremendous sense of pride in our school and takes on many important roles. Over the years, Mr. Rollins has been involved in every aspect of our school. If there is something going on at Country Isles you can bet it couldn't have been done without the helpful hand of Mr. Rollins.

    Did you know that Mr. Rollins has been our art teacher since the school opened? That's right, Mr. Rollins has been here since the school opened its doors over 30 years ago and he plans on being here for a long time to come!

    Mr. Rollins believes art activities sharpen, stimulate, and challenge the brain. Some of the skills Mr. Rollins teaches are; providing hands-on experiences with the various art materials, creating works of art, appreciation and history of various art forms, reponding to and analyzing works of art, and understanding the cultural contributions of the arts. As Mr. Rollins says, "School should be a place where children love to learn and art is just one of those ways!"

    In addition, Mr. Rollins has also been the director of our after school child care program since its beginning and has created a program that is used as a model throughout many schools in Broward County. So it is only natural that when we needed an Assistant Principal in the 2011-12 school year we turned to "Mr. Country Isles" himself.

    The Country Isles family is proud to have Mr. Rollins be such an integral part of our school and believe it would be a much different place without him. Let's hope we won't find out anytime soon!