• Ms. Gossman
    Ms. Gossman

    Do you like chocolate chip cookies? Well I know of a super 4th grade teacher who does, Ms. Gossman! Ms. Gossman is one truly fun teacher here at Country Isles Elementary. She is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University and became a teacher because she likes to work with children. She loves Country Isles Elementary because the kids and staff are the best! They must like her too because she was voted Country Isles Elementary Teacher of the Year in 2006!

    Ms. Gossman's favorite subject is reading because she likes the students to read interesting stories together. Did you know Ms. Gossman likes to ride horses on a nice sunny day? She really likes going to the beach or a park too! And when it’s rainy she likes to go to the bookstore or a movie. If you happen to get Ms. Gossman as your teacher you are lucky!