Goal 3: Effective Communication

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    123 LadderWe strive to increase the effectiveness of internal and external communication with stakeholders, to convey our District’s vision and goals. Additionally, we work diligently to implement marketing strategies to improve public perception of BCPS.

    Our overarching vision is to educate today’s students to succeed in tomorrow’s world. As we move forward, we must do more to ensure the community is aware of our purpose, goals, successes and challenges. Every student, parent, employee and community member has a vested interest in the success of BCPS. We must communicate with our stakeholders in meaningful ways. We are all ambassadors for BCPS, with the ability to positively impact public perception. It is up to us to share accurate information about the great work taking place across our District.

    We will continue to keep stakeholders informed about where we have been, where we are going and how we plan to educate all students to reach their highest potential. We value input as we work to enable BCPS students to make a positive impact on the future.

    We will collaborate, share information and listen to feedback to improve our practice. We will leverage the enormous talent and energy across the organization. We will utilize technology to enhance the communications loop. We will focus on three main areas: external communications; internal communications, and marketing our schools, programs 
    and initiatives.

      External Communication
    Baseline 2019 Desired Target
    Restructure District website to improve user experience and information search N/A Completed
    Launch a staff intranet to improve internal communications N/A Completed
    Social media engagement 36,000 Twitter followers
    11,549 Facebook likes
    Increase by 15%
    Increase mobile app (application) downloads 19,000 downloads Increase by 35%
    Positive to negative news ratio 5:1 Increase by 5%

    2016/17 Tactics

    • Enhance communication and engagement with families and the community.
    • Implement targeted, integrated marketing communications strategies to promote our schools and programs. 
    • Improve the user experience with the BCPS website and other District communication tools.
    • Improve internal communications and proactively engage staff.
    • Provide excellent customer service to all BCPS stakeholders.
    • Maximize and grow external partnerships to support students, schools and programs.
    • Launch a staff intranet to serve as the main communication and information hub. Year 1 objectives include launch date, features, and integration with other staff-facing technology resources. Years 2–3 will shift focus to the percentage of staff using the hub to look for information, staff surveys, etc. 

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