Our Values

  • Studnets in a classroom

    • All students will learn when their individual needs are met
    • Learning is a lifelong process
    • Every student has a right to a high-quality educational option
    • Engaged families combined with highly effective teachers and school leaders are the core components of a successful school
    • Positive character education is essential to whole child development
    • The diversity of our community is valuable and must be embraced
    • Students must be prepared as innovative thinkers and responsible citizens to compete in a global economy
    • High-quality customer service is a critical component of high-quality education
    • Positive stakeholder involvement enhances student achievement
    • Everyone must be held to the highest ethical standards to achieve excellence
    • Everyone must contribute to and be held accountable for student achievement
    • An equitable education provides all necessary resources to meet student needs
    • All District services must clearly tie to student achievement
    • Respect and dignity are critical, both in and out of the classroom
    • Public education is the foundation of a democratic society
    • It is essential that the District develops an informed, engaged, and responsible citizenry

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