• The start of another school year always brings new challenges and with recent, well-publicized budget cuts and class size reduction mandates, this year is no different. However, please be assured that our commitment to offering our students and community the most rigorous and relevant curriculum has not changed. Decisions about the number of sections per Department are made in the Spring based on students’ course selections during the registration process. Each student is registered individually and given plenty of opportunities to make his/her choice. Know that we are committed to providing each of our students with courses that meet and/or exceed state and district mandates. Because Schedule changes have serious effects, both on each student’s individual schedule and on class size, schedule changes will be made for the following reasons only:

    • Misplacement due to lack of prerequisite or background.
    • Student earned credit previously.
    • A senior is not scheduled in a class that is required for graduation.
    • Conflict in the master schedule that requires a schedule change.
    • Compliance with class size mandate.

    NOTE:No classes will be changed after the tenth day of a semester.
    Students who are enrolled in full year courses, including AP, will remain in that course for the full year.