• Jill Williams

    Hello Colt Family,

    I am honored to serve the students, parents, faculty and staff of the greatest high school in Broward County: Coral Springs High School.   I have been privileged to serve the Coral Springs High School community as an English Teacher, a Behavior Specialist, and now the 10th grade Assistant Principal.  As a result, I have a very diverse background to assist in high achievement goals for all students. Education is my second career, and I truly believe education is where I am supposed to be and most needed.  I believe that every student can learn, and it is our obligation as educators to positively impact student achievement and life skills.  My personal goal is to lead a positive school environment to promote student learning and student achievement, therefore, creating well-rounded and high-functioning adults.  I will do my absolute best to give every student a chance to have the full high school experience.

    I am truly looking forward to this journey with you and your family.   

    We are…#ColtsUnited                                      

    My contact information:

    Jill.williams@browardschools.com **This is the best way to get in touch with me.