• Sparty

    Sparty Forget Billy the Marlin or the Miami Heat's Burnie.  At Hollywood Hills High School we've got Sparty -- the spirit of SPARTA. 

    Sparty roams the sidelines, fields and venues at HHHS athletic events, greeting fans and encouraging them to get loud and get proud, providing laughs and crowd-pleasing entertainment. Sparty also represents HHHS at a variety of community engagement events and school venues, sharing high-fives and hugs with Spartans of all ages, and kissing baby Spartans.  It takes a lot of time, dedication and hard work to do Sparty's job, but through his interpreter (Sparty doesn't speak), the mascot says he wouldn't have it any other way.

    "Sparty has really become a staple at our school events," says Principal Gonzalez.  "Sparty is a great mascot and Spartans look for him at every venue," Mrs. Gonzalez noted.


    Name:  Sparty, the Spirit of SPARTA

    Height: 6-2

    Date of Birth:  August, 1967  

    Acquired: New recruit, signed 8/21/17

    Hometown:  Hollywood, FL

    Major:  Sports Management

    Minor: Greek Philosophy

    Hobbies:  Likes to attend Hills Athletic events, reads the Spartan Times, listens to Hip Hop and Greek music.


    After running a marathon in Greece commemorating the run of the soldier Pheidippides from a battlefield near the town of Marathon, Greece, to Athens in 490 B.C., Sparty made his local debut on the sidelines of sports venues beginning in 1967.   


    All-American...four -year letter winner in all sports at Hollywood Hills and college...Majored in sport management and excelled in classes that were voted "The Hardest to Pass" by fellow students...Was a contributor to The Spartan Times student newspaper and wrote for the sports section...coached Track and Field in college while a gradiuate student.  


    Resides on campus at Hollywood Hills High School...Frequently seen jogging around the track at the school campus...Favorite hangout is the gym where Sparty likes to run sprints up and down the basketball stands...Favorite TV crime show is Kojak...Favorite comedian is Zach Galifianakis...Loves to hear anything hip hop...Enjoys reading The Spartan Times... Favorite colors are orange and blue....Vacations in the Greek Islands...Favorite TV and movie star is Jennifer Aniston...Favorite movies are 300 and My Big Fat Greek Wedding...Favorite food is kokoretsi....Favorite dessert is baklava...Mainly enjoys attending Hills athletic events and other Hills functions...Full name is Sparty, The Spirit of Sparta...Born August 1, 1967, in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood in Hollywood, Florida.  


    Was introduced on the field to thousands of fans at the State Football Championship game during the 1974 season when the Spartan football team was crowned Florida State Champions...Was voted the best mascot in South Florida high school in a poll conducted by the Spartan Timies prior to the 2012-13 academic year.


    Why does Sparty look like he does?

    Sparty represents the spirit of Hollywood Hills with honor.  Sparty's blue and orange wear highlights the school colors and the overall appearance are derived from the Spartan theme which truly represents the spirit and pride shared by all at Hollywood Hills High School.

    What is Hollywood Hills High School's nickname?

    Hollywood Hills High School is SPARTA.

    Is Sparty available for other events besides athletics?

    Yes, but Sparty has limited availability due to a tight schedule with classes, athletics and other school events and functions.  You may check Sparty's availability for special events by e-mailing Athletic Director Perry at