School Mission

  • The mission of Palm Cove Elementary is to develop each student's intrinsic ability to learn, think, communicate, and act responsibly in a changing world by providing a comprehensive and balanced instructional program that emphasizes necessary skills and strategies needed for academic success in a safe and secure learning environment.

    This goal will be accomplished through the efforts of a dedicated staff and the support of our parents and community..

    *Learning should be fun and exploratory.
    *Collegiality is a key ingredient for a successful school.
    *Sharing must be a way of life.
    *Risk taking must be supported.
    *Learning is a process.
    *Parents, Teachers, and Administration must have open lines of communication.
    *The school must be "user friendly."
    *Children must come first.
    *The school is a community of learners.
    *Students must be responsible for choices.
    *Teachers must have high expectations and be committed to excellence.