• Welcome Class of 2021!! 

    ken rolle


    Are you as excited for your year at Sheridan Technical High School as I am? It is an honor to serve as your counselor.  I hope you all have had an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate as we embark on an adventurous educational journey this year.  My charge as counselor is to guide and assist you as you transition from middle school through high school on the way to your chosen path.  The high school experience is an important time in the lives of our students, and our ultimate goal is to prepare you for life.  I charge you to hold steadfast and look forward to academic and personal success.

    Families, I look forward to working with you as my partner.  I thank you for entrusting me with your children.  It is my responsibility to foster in them a love of learning, prepare them for career and college, and secure their future as 21st century citizens.  The high school experience should be one that students look back on as a positive and enriching time in their lives.  Please know that you complete our community and culture at Sheridan Technical High School. 

    Through my journey as a School Counselor I have had the privilege of working with many diverse individuals and I love to help people grow and transition in to better versions of themselves.  I am a product of Broward County public schools and have been working as a School counselor for the past 11 years.  My experience encompasses students from middle-school age through adulthood.   I maintain an open door policy and encourage you to stop by, call (754-321-7469), or email me (kenneth.rolle@browardschools.com) at any time.  As your new counselor, I feel privileged to work with you.  I encourage each student to make your mark at Sheridan Technical High School. 

    This will be an exciting year. Go Wolfpack!

     Mr. Kenneth Rolle, 10th Grade School Counselor