• Finding the Right College


    Students, when you think of it, College will more than likely be the 2nd most expensive purchase of your life. With that said, it is very important that you approach this process with great concern. Your college decision should be methodical in nature. Making emotional or rash decisions without concern can end up with disastrous outcomes.


    • Be logical and practical – take emotion out of the decision process (It’s very difficult)
    • Know what you want to study and how it will put you into a career that will be both rewarding and provide you with the future you desire.
    • College is serious – you want to be comfortable in it’s environment – and you want to make sure that it will provide you with a pathway to your future.


    Failure to understand and follow these basic principles of the college search can end up costing you thousands of dollars $$$ – changing majors – changing colleges – and disrupting your future career plans


    Search college information on Naviance…

    For your search, use your Naviance account. Naviance  (instructions on how to log in are at the bottom) will help you select the best colleges for you based on:

    • The major that you are interested in.
    • Know the core courses, requirements for the prospective student
    • Understand how the institution will help you with your future career path after graduation.


    The universities that you are interested in – know about their…

    • reputation,
    • location,
    • tuition and
    • general/major rankings.


    After you finish your research, you will have a basic knowledge about whether you are still interested in the major/universities and whether you are suitable to further your education in the major you decide to pursue.  Don't forget to save your colleges under "Colleges I'm Applying To" in Naviance!


    University website

    Now that you have a relatively clear outline of the universities and major that you would like to apply to, it is now time to search more in depth in each university you are interested in.


    Information includes:

    • Core courses and advanced courses.
    • Internship opportunities.
    • Career prospects of graduated students.
    • Application requirements, including SAT/ACT score, GPA, deadline, recommendation letters, application fee, tuitions, etc.
    • Rules for in-state and out-state students.


    Make an application checklist

    This step is very important! It is impossible to remember every application requirement for each university. Making a checklist can greatly improve your efficiency and you will have less of a chance missing something significant in the application process.

    Don't forget to save your colleges under "Colleges I'm Applying to" in Naviance!

    Connect with an Admissions Counselor

    Sometimes you will have difficulties in finding specific information on a universities website, or you might want to get access to more information that they may not have provided on their website. In this case, it would be best for you to get in contact with an admissions counselor. You can find admission counselors contact information right on the universities website. If you decide to contact them via E-mail it may take several days for you to get a response, especially during summer/winter holidays.