• Multicultural Club Info

    Sponsor: Ms. Tatoute & Ms. Young

    Meeting Information: Last Wednesday of the month, 8:30am

    Location: Room 231

    Flyer: View Here


    If you are looking to make new friends, share cultural backgrounds, and go on future field trips, then join the Multicultural Club.  The mission of WMS Multicultural Club is to foster diversity as it pertains to the many different cultures and ethnicities of the world. Cultural knowledge is an important part of the educational experience and the Multicultural Club will strive to enhance this knowledge by awareness and acceptance of those who are from different cultural backgrounds, as well as celebrating diversity and inviting all backgrounds to be a part of this unity.

    Our goal is to enhance our school’s experience as well as impact the cultural environment for the entire school and community. By promoting ethnicities, diversity and multicultural awareness, students from different backgrounds will enrich our school’s experience in so many ways. This club will shed light on our students’ diversity from all over the world.