LGBTQ Training Modules


    Workshops, trainings, and professional development can increase understanding and sensitization to the key issues related to diversity, including LGBTQ + students or those perceived as such.  

    Access a training below to help create a safer and more inclusive school environment. For more information, please call us at 754-321-1655.



  • Webinars


    •  – Awareness and Sensitivity: Identify how safety issues impact both performance in school and personal development for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender young people. Identify tools that can be used to influence student behaviors to reduce bullying, to counter prejudice and intervene with name calling. Identify resources in the community and the most contemporary articles and materials to assist helping professionals in meeting those challenges.
    • Ensuring LGBTQ Health and Safety 101 (Precursor for 201 and 301)
    • Ensuring LGBTQ Health and Safety 201 (Precursor for 301)
    • Ensuring LGBTQ Health and Safety 301
    • LGBTQ Critical Support Guide Training for Administrators, Staff and Community
    • Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Sponsor Training        
    • GSA Leadership Summit training