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    1. You must email Mr. Turturro at least 72 hours (3 days) prior to the day you wish to volunteer.  We cannot accommodate last minute requests. A confirmation email will be sent to you informing you if your volunteer services are needed.  You may email me at philip.turturro@browardschools.com. PLEASE make sure you receive a confirmation email from me before showing up to BMV. If you do not receive a reply, it means I did not receive your email request. 

    2. Please do not make arrangements with a BMV teacher. All requests must go through Mr. Turturro, who will then receive approval from administration where to assign high school volunteers.

      When you arrive, you must sign-in in at the school office and obtain a visitor sticker. This badge will notify our students and staff that the office is aware of your presence on campus. 


    1. Decide in advance why you are volunteering. You will be assigned a volunteer activity based on the needs of the school at the time you volunteer. The motivation for volunteering should be a sincere desire to enrich the total school program. YOU ARE NOT VOLUNTEERING TO SAY HELLO TO OLD FRIENDS AND TEACHERS. You will not be allowed to visit your "favorite teachers" 


    2. At no time should you walk around the campus visiting teachers or friends. You are volunteering to earn community service hours. High school volunteers are expected to follow all Broward County School procedures including no cell phone usage while volunteering


    I understand the rules above for volunteering. I understand that if I violate these rules, I may be asked to not return next time.


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