2020/21 School Boundary Committee

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    The following are the representatives and alternates for the 2020/21 School Boundary Committee.  This committee is advisory in nature and serves to make recommendations to the School Board on any boundary change proposals received from community members or created by staff during the annual school boundary process.  The members of this committee are appointed annually by Innovation Zone Principal Lead Facilitators from names submitted by School Advisory Forums (SAF’s) and are subject to the Sunshine Law.

    If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact your school’s SAF chair, the Principal Lead Facilitator for your Innovation Zone, or the Demographics & Enrollment Planning Department.

  • Area Izone Representative Alternate
    North Coconut Creek Jennifer TenEyck ✔ (absent 11/22) (no committee member 11/15)
    Coral Glades Linda Mills ✔✔ (no committee member 11/15)
    Coral Springs Cindy Martin (absent 11/15) Victoria Greene (absent 11/15)
    Deerfield Beach Charlotte Graham (absent 11/15) (no committee member 11/15)
    Ely, Blanche Jerome Washington ✔✔ Jacques R. Moise ✔✔
    Monarch Melissa Carder ✔✔ Geoff Henning (absent 11/15)
    Northeast Dawn Whittenberg ✔✔ Ralph Cunningham (absent 11/15)
    Stoneman Douglas, Marjory Elisha Johnson ✔✔ (no committee member 11/15)
    Taravella, J.P. Rebecca Feinberg ✔✔ Christie Iribaren (absent 11/15)
    Central Anderson Boyd Ericka Mellion-Clervaux (absent 11/15) Denise Lawrence (absent 11/15)
    Cypress Bay Ian Loew ✔✔ Nick Strohminger (absent 11/15)
    Ronald Rodriguez (absent 11/15)
    Dillard Sharon Wheelwright (absent 11/15) (no committee member 11/15)
    Fort Lauderdale Peter Nasca ✔✔ Jasmine Joya (absent 11/15)
    Piper David Tackett (absent 11/15) (no committee member 11/15)
    Plantation Alex Dominguez ✔✔ (no committee member 11/15)
    South Plantation Nelson Rose ✔✔ Roger Haberkorn ✔✔
    Stranahan Jonathan Bennett (absent 11/15) Carla Wong ✔✔
    Western Lynn L. Burgess (absent 11/15)
    Lisa Wilson ✔✔
    Ian Murray (absent 11/15)
    South Cooper City Debby Eisinger ✔✔ Debbie Espinoza (absent 11/15)
    Everglades Danielle Ward-Gomez (absent 11/15) (no committee member 11/15) 
    Flanagan, Charles W. Yahalia Fanklin ✔✔ (no committee member 11/15) 
    Hallandale Heather Holmes ✔ (no committee member 11/15) 
    Hollywood Hills Maria Mazzarella (absent 11/15) Dale Miller (absent 11/15)
    McArthur (no committee member 11/15) (no committee member 11/15)
    Miramar Tamicko Vaiton (absent 11/15) (no committee member 11/15) 
    Nova Cindy McCord (absent 11/15) Daniela Diefenbach (absent 11/15)
    South Broward Rachel Mazor ✔ Audra Mignola ✔✔
    West Broward Carolyn Karian (absent 11/15) Suhay Nunez (absent 11/15)
      School  Representative  Alternate
      Attucks MS Shannon Powers (absent 11/15) Audrey Dallaire ✔✔
      Broward Estates ES Zebedee Taylor ✔ Brittany Moxie (absent 11/15)
    Nicola Cooper (absent 11/15)
      Driftwood ES Grace Alvarez ✔✔ Kypps Poliard ✔✔
      Driftwood MS Victoria Cortellese ✔✔ (no committee member 11/15) 
      Hollywood Central ES  Rosa Hernandez ✔ (absent 11/22) Laura Mahoney (absent 11/15)
      Mary M. Bethune ES (no committee member 11/15) (no committee member 11/15) 
      Parkway MS (no committee member 11/15) (no committee member 11/15)


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