• Capital Budget
    Departmental Commitment:
    Our commitment is to implement the District's mission by effectively managing the District's financial resources, equitably aligning funds for meeting the needs of schools, and maintaining public confidence and satisfaction.

    The goals and objectives of the Capital Budget Department are to provide independent financial
    reporting and planning with regard to capital outlay projects, appropriations, revenues, and
    expenditures. The Capital Payment unit provides complete and timely payments to construction
    vendors. The department also provides support for the wide area network system and computer
    hardware/software needs of the Finance Division.

    The department is responsible for the development of the 5‐year District Educational Facilities Plan
    (DEFP), which provides the School Board and the public with a detailed capital outlay plan. The DEFP is a list of projects for capacity additions, remodeling and renovations, indoor air quality, technology, health safety and sanitation, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other categories. When the Plan is submitted to the School Board and the public for adoption, the Plan is balanced and sources of revenues have been identified for projects listed in the Plan. The first year of the DEFP forms the basis for the annual capital outlay budget.

    The department monitors the progress of various State of Florida and local capital outlay fund revenue
    programs. The department also prepares monthly capital outlay budget amendments for School Board