• Meet the Masters

    Hello and Welcome to the greatest Art Appreciation program in Broward County!

    We are the ONLY school to have a dedicated classroom for Meet the Masters and one that guarantees every child in every grade receives an amazing hands-on visual and practical experience on the World’s greatest Art Masters…..but WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

    It is a Fun and EASY program to teach and can be taught in teams or by an individual with Project helpers….
    and our children deserve it!! It takes approximately 2.5 hours a month!

    All materials / info are available to you below – so you will ALWAYS know more than the children!
    Please email the contacts below if you or any family member would like to get involved.
    It is a wonderful way to get involved, learn some art history and help our kids create beautiful masterpieces.

    For additional information please contact:
    Nicole Baker 908-251-1055 - peytonnicole@gmail.com


    Featured Artist: Alexander CalderAlexander Calder


    Project Directions