Enrollment and Withdrawal Procedures

  • Enrollment Procedures

    All children must be registered in the program before attending. Registration forms must be completed each year for each child.

    Registration fee is $30 per student. Private providers, per contract, may charge up to 20% more than the School Board of Broward County programs.

    Waiting lists might occur when groups have reached the ratio capacity. As soon as new staff is in place, parents will be contacted.

    Withdrawal Procedures

    If a student is absent for nine days without program notification, the student will be withdrawn and no refund given. If a parent withdraws their child from the program, a refund will be given for any unused days in the payment period. Children moving from one school to another during the school year, must be registered (if space is available in the program) at the new location and pay a new registration fee.

    As per School Board Policy 3411 and the Constitution of the State of Florida, Article VII, Section 10, All payments must be made in advance, prior to the start of the attendance period. If payment is not paid by the scheduled date, child(ren) will be withdrawn from the program and a re-registration fee must be paid before re-entering the program. Please see signs at PICK UP table for collection dates. 

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