Professional Development

  • Equity and Excellence in Broward County Schools

    Broward County Public Schools is committed to ensuring that all students have access to well-rounded educational opportunities that address persistent achievement and access gaps; improve safe and healthy school conditions for student learning; and expand the use of technology to improve the academic achievement and digital literacy of all students.

    To meet these goals Broward County Schools will train school personnel who are capable of leading these efforts.  Equity Liaisons (EL) will receive specialized training and develop equity plans based on individual school data.  Equity Plans will include:

    1. Data analysis of student performance and behavioral incidents based upon race, ethnicity and gender; and
    2. Strategies to ensure equal opportunities for students regarding elective course offerings, advanced academic courses, access to STEM related courses and programs, fair discipline and equal access to technology.

    Equity Liaisons will receive professional development and training in the following areas:

    • Critical issues regarding race
    • Equity and social justice
    • Implicit bias
    • Culturally responsive teaching
    • Closing student academic achievement gaps
    • Addressing behavioral issues
    • Mental health concerns
    • Anti-bullying strategies

    One Equity Liaison will be identified at each school.  In addition, BCPS will train 36 District staff to provide support to needy schools; 30 slots will be divided among Broward County charter and private schools; and 20 slots will be given to public charter schools based on interest.