Old Dillard Foundation

Old Dillard Foundation Board with Robert Runcie and Tracy Clark

    The resources and vision to accomplish our goals takes the support of many people throughout the community. At the top of our list of supporters is the Old Dillard Foundation, Inc. The Foundation not only functions as the financial and fundraising arm of the Old Dillard Museum, and the chief means of recruiting volunteers, but is also responsible for guiding, preserving and expanding the museum’s permanent collection.   

    The Foundation works to emphasize the Museum’s cultural impact through community outreach that develops working partnerships, fosters cultural and financial investment and opens opportunities for engagement on a local, regional and international scope.  They are ambassadors of the rich and exciting heritage of the African-American community of Fort Lauderdale.


    Foundation Mission Statement

    From the outset, our goal has been to facilitate collaborative relationships and actions that allow and assure sustainable resources to support successful museum programs and projects that celebrate the pride, history and culture of the African-American community. We strive to be widely recognized for board excellence in governance, fundraising and stewardship in support of African-American heritage and culture.


    Board of Directors

    Patricia G. West, President │ Judi Hamilton, Vice President │ Odessa Striggles Bennett, Secretary │ Irvin Minney, Treasurer

    Board Members
    Earlene Striggles Horne | Easton Harrison | Noel Hyatt | Julia McElvy | Brittany Ross | Dr. Denise St. Patrick Bell | Dr. Dierdre S. Wilson

    Honorary Members
    Gale Butler | Leslie Carhart | Bobby Henry Sr. | Tiffany McNealy | Raleigh R. Rawls, Esq. | Levi G. Williams, Esq. | Cory Witherspoon

    Emeritus Members
    James D. Bradley | Dr. Carl M. Crawford | Mary Black Rizor







Contact Information

  • Old Dillard Museum

    1019 NW 4th Street

    Fort Lauderdale , Florida 33311

    Phone: 754-322-8827

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    Roderick Parker

    Facilitator/ Director