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  • In the International Affairs and Business Program, students have an opportunity to become proficient in a second language while becoming knowledgeable about world affairs and different cultures. In a partial immersion setting, students learn to appreciate other countries and their people by studying their customs, foods, history, music, and language. Introductory business, finance, and marketing classes are designed to prepare students for the international marketplace. High school foreign language credits may be earned in French, Asian, or Spanish.


    The International Affairs and Business Program also features a Teenagers’ Education in English and Spanish project, “TEENS.” Native speakers of Spanish and English will become proficient in both languages while attaining a better understanding of local and international cultures and issues. The TEENS project develops literacy in Spanish and English while studying in the core academic subjects in both languages.


    Crystal Lake Middle
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    McNicol Middle
    (South of Sunrise Blvd.)
    (Modified School Calendar)
    1602 S 27th Avenue
    Hollywood, FL 33020

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