Assistant Principal's Message

  • Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! Congratulations on earning an 'A" in 2018. I am so excited to welcome our new Kindergartners and newcomers, as well as all returning students. We will continue to work together to help our children achieve success. But what is success? Success is not determined by luck or destiny. Success is the result of hard work, dedication and motivation. I challenge you to continue to wake up each day with the goal to be motivated and dedicated to working hard.

    Central Park Elementary is encouraging positive behavior through the expression of kindness, appreciation, and love for one another on a daily basis. Have you Filled a Bucket Today? This is a book in which the author describes how each of us carries an imaginary bucket that we fill by showing kindness, appreciation and love for others and ourselves. We can also dip and empty buckets when we are mean to one another. The goal is to have a full bucket every day, so that each day is a happy one. We believe our students learn respect for themselves and others if we model gestures of kindness, appreciation and love. Will you help us fill a bucket today?

    Here are some ways we can fill a bucket:

    • Saying “I Love You”
    • Using words of encouragement
    • Putting up good work on the refrigerator
    • Doing an act of kindness
    • Doing your chores without being asked
    • Giving someone a hug
    • Smiling
    • Spending time with your parent/child/sibling

     Looking forward to a terrific year!

    Susanna Deutsch

    Intern Principal