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    Interactive Classroom Project

    With the increase and availability of student devices through the SMART Bond and other District initiatives, many schools have identified a need to update the classroom learning environment.  In 2016, the district selected the Recordex Simplicity Touch interactive flat panels to begin the process of standardizing the classroom presentation system.  In phase I, all K-12 media centers received the interactive system.  

    The original Recordex Interactive Classroom system came with a microphone and the NovoPro Wireless collaboration system.   Schools had the choice to receive a document camera and slate. The Recordex system can be used for hands-on interactive lessons, independent student stations, or with teachers in Professional Learning Communities. Built with a smart TV interface, students and teachers can easily access and share interactive media, browse the Internet, present content, and wirelessly collaborate. Up to ten students can annotate on the screen at one time, and up 64 students can wirelessly connect to the system with mobile devices using the NovoPro wireless collaboration system.

    In February 2017,  phase II of the Recordex Interactive Classroom initiative began with the Information and Technology Department installing 1,000 Recordex systems in classrooms.  Schools received approximately 1 system for every 200 students.  Principals selected the classroom teachers that received the equipment.  Media Specialists played a key role in modeling the use of the system and supporting the classroom teachers that receive the equipment. Micro techs were also instrumental in supporting classroom teachers in using the board. 

    Interactive Classroom Poly Studio USB Video Bar Information

    As interactive classroom tools continue to expand, we will add any new tool information here in an effort to meet the changing features of the interactive classroom.  This year, 2020, the Poly Studio USB Video Bar is the newest tool in the interactive classroom suite of tools.  This product was introduced to provide the interactive classroom teacher with the capability of successful teaching in a hybrid model as a result of Covid-19.  With the Poly Studio USB Video Bar teachers are able to teach students in the face-to-face classroom along with the students who are joining the class remotely.  This system offers the option of tracking the teacher's movements so that all students are able to see the teacher’s actions on a whiteboard or interactive flat panel.   

    Training opportunity is available now for the Interactive Classroom Poly Studio USB Video Bar. Please use the information below to search for courses in LAB or to enroll in the Canvas course:

    Course #: webinar_6243_44
    Canvas Course Enrollment Linkhttps://browardschools.instructure.com/enroll/NGCNHM


    Interactive Classroom Project Professional Learning

    Classroom teachers with Interactive Classroom systems are required to attend 2 full days of Professional Development.  Day 1 of PD focuses on the system and peripherals and integration into the current instructional process.  Day 2, which occurs the following week, focuses on effective teaching and learning using the Interactive Classroom system in a blended learning environment.

    Professional Learning for the Interactive Classroom is ongoing. Teachers can log onto LAB to register. Training for the following Interactive Flat Panels will begin again in the 2020-2021 school year:

    • The Interactive Classroom Teacher Recordex
    • The Interactive Classroom Teacher Promethean
    • The Interactive Classroom Teacher Poly Studio USB Video Bar


    Interactive Classroom Project YAMMER Group

    The District has a Yammer Group for Interactive Classroom Teachers to collaborate, share ideas, and ask questions. Yammer is a private social network available through Office365 and only visible to Broward Schools employees.   To join the Interactive Classroom Yammer, click on your Office 365 waffle or 9 square and select the Yammer tile.  Complete your profile and click the Discover More Groups link to look through all of the groups in BCPS, or use the Search box and type Interactive Classroom Digital Resource Support. Click the Join + button and request an invite.

    The Vision

    Innovative Learning staff will deliver ongoing support to teachers in creating digital content and developing appropriate blended learning pedagogical practices to transform the learning environment in our quest to Reimagine Learning.


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