Digital Programs Application Information

  • Where do the computers come from for Digital Programs?

    In the first two years of the Digital 5 program, there were capital funds available to provide devices to the school as part of the D5 program. Beginning in 2015-16, there are no capital funds available for D5 other than SMART Bond funds. Schools that become D5 are using their own funds to provide the devices.

    Schools may use their SMART Bond funds for the devices or they may use other school funds. The district is providing new D5 schools with licenses for the learning management system, the use of the Intel Study App (for offline access to textbooks), and professional learning on personalized teaching in a 1:1 environment.

    What are the expectations for the school (teacher training, students guidelines, special district curriculum)?

    When a school becomes a D5 school, there is one device per student in each grade 5 classroom and the teachers and students use the devices through out the day for teaching and learning using the standard Broward resources (digital resources, textbooks, etc.) and a learning management system.

    There is no special district curriculum but teachers would need to include lessons on Digital Citizenship and how to use the devices and programs needed by the students into their curriculum. The school is encouraged to allow the students to take the devices home on a regular basis. The school is also encouraged to allow teachers to attend special professional learning events for D5 schools.

    What are the Requirements for D5 (D4, D3)?

    • The school must have a full time micro-tech
    • All teachers and students in grade 5 (or 4 or 3) would need to participate
    • All teachers would need to attend training (Pathways to Personalized Learning 101 and Canvas for Teachers)
    • A school must have a successful D5 before adding a Digital 4. A school must have a successful D4 prior to adding a Digital 3.
    • The school will provide the devices for the 1:1

    Schools are added only at the beginning of a semester. Schools interested in adding a digital program will need to meet the requirements above.

    How Does a School Request a Digital Program?

    To keep track of schools that are interested in adding a digital program, complete the following online application. Your school will be contacted by LoriAyn Stickler, Project Manager (Technology and Instruction) regarding the next steps to becoming a Digital Classrooms school.

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