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  • Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Newsletter
    Yasmine Shipman, Class of 2015
    Nova Southeastern University
    I just wanted to take the time out to say how much I appreciate the opportunity given to me by College Academy.  Since graduating in 2015, I have finished my Bachelor's Degree at Florida International University - Free of Charge!  This past Fall, I started Law School just down the street at Nova Southeastern University's Shepard Broad College of Law.  I have achieved all of this at the young age of 19 thanks to CA.  I'm actually the youngest person in the NSU Shepard Broad College of Law, and they mentioned me at orientation (which was both cool and embarrassing).
    I definitely had some challenging times at CA with the new-found work load and responsibility, but now looking back I know that those experiences are what shaped me into the student I am today.  I recommend College Academy to everyone I know who is serious about getting on a fast track with their education.  I just wanted to Thank You and the rest of the CA family for helping to facilitate a program that has positively impacted my life forever.. 
    Jada Bullen, Class of 2013
    Georgetown University, Class of 2015
    In May, I will graduate from Georgetown's School of Foreign Service with a B.S. in Culture and Politics and a minor in Arabic.  Last year, in 2015,  I was awarded a Critical Language Scholarship to study Arabic at the Noor Majan Institute in Ibri, Oman. I then studied abroad in Rabat, Morocco to continue studying Arabic and intern at Mohammed V University in Rabat.
    Now that I am looking toward the future, I am applying to graduate schools and fellowships that allow me to continue traveling. I just applied to a Fulbright Teaching Position in Jordan, and I am a Charles Rangel Fellowship Finalist.
    The resources provided by the counselors and instructors at CA@BC both empowered and equipped me to take on the endeavors that I have during my time at Georgetown. The CA experience provided students like me with little skill sets, that I took for granted at the time (such as how to formulate a concise argument, creating a resume, time management, office hours &accountability) which have helped me in every job interview, grant application, and course that I have taken since I graduated from CA@BC.  Most importantly, everyone at CA held me to a high standard because they genuinely believed that I was capable to meet that standard, and supported that achievement. That support was something I found to be lacking egregiously in my previous high school. Yet, it is the reason I have a strong sense of confidence in myself (and my decisions) today. You usually don't get that for free. But CA@BC is free!
    Nico Ghibaudy, Class of 2013
    University of South Florida, Class of 2015
    Being able to attend College Academy @ BC and earn an AA degree at 18 years old gave me both a distinct advantage over other students my age and a vision to what I would like to accomplish during my college years and beyond. I'm now at USF and I couldn't be happier.
    However, unlike many freshman who entered college with just a few AP or IB credits, I was able to get an early registration date and secure the classes I needed simply because I had 60+ credits coming in. I definitely have CA to thank for that.
    Fahad Kahn, Class of 2013
    University of Florida, Class of 2016
    At the University of Florida, I have been able to pursue two majors (political science and history) and two minors (religion and geography), and still be on track to graduate by 2016. Because of the College Academy @ BC, I have been able to avoid the dreaded assembly hall style "weed out" classes at UF and register for courses that fit my interests, rather than lower level general education courses. The College Academy @ BC has provided me with the social and academic base needed for success at higher levels. 
    Katie Pannier, Class of 2012
    Warren Wilson College, Class of 2014
    If you're worried that attending College Academy will make you into some sort of undefined quasi high school/college student, then you're right. I graduated from College Academy in the spring of 2012 and I am now a senior at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC. This spring (2014) I will graduate with a degree in Biochemistry and plans to go on to naturopathic medical school. Attending College Academy was probably the second most influential decision of my life so far, right behind attending Warren Wilson College. Taking an advanced, accelerated course load with gifted like-minded classmates was exactly what I needed to get me excited about education and school. As a bonus, I get to graduate college 2 years early which means spending less money, having more time to explore life outside of school and potentially entering graduate school sooner.College Academy doesn't encourage students to race through life to get to a finish line, it shows you that life has no finish line and indeed, everyone takes their own path at their own speed on their own mountain. In a positive way, College Academy shaped how I look at the world, how I view education, and how I value time. I will be 20 with a 4 year degree in my hand, no student loans, and the world in front of me. Not very many people get that opportunity, and I plan to take full advantage of it. 
    Orlando Ward-Santos, Class of 2013
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2015
    The atmosphere at College Academy @ BC paved the way for how I interact with faculty and staff here.  The warm environment at CA helped me cross that barrier of not approaching my teachers and administrators.  I can truly say that because of the conversations I had with my College Academy @ BC teachers, counselors and administrators, I have learned how to approach teachers and engage them in conversations about anything.
    Heavenson Aristyld, Class of 2011
    Florida A & M University, Class of 2014
    I am a 4th year professional Doctor of Pharmacy candidate currently at FAMU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science. After my graduation on May 2014, I will enhance my clinical skills by attending a Physician Assistant program. Thank you College Academy @ BC for the wonderful opportunity of providing superb resources in achieving my goal by giving back to the community!
    Justin Odom, Class of 2011
    Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University, Class of 2014
    My time spent at the College Academy @ BC was two of the best years of my life not only because of the amazing student body and exceptional faculty and staff, but also because of the experience I gained. The college exposure and supportive environment allowed me to mature and transition well into a life away from home in the collegiate world. CA gave me the know-how I needed to attend a full honors university and has propelled me along my path to practice veterinary medicine.
    Christopher Pannier,  Class of 2011
    Texas A & M University, Class of 2014
    I am living the fourth year of an incredibly unique undergraduate engineering experience thanks to College Academy @ BC. After CA, I was able to attend an out-of-state engineering school on an almost-full-ride scholarship.  I've had time to be the president of the Space Club, hike, bike and kayak the local area, and keep up with a church group. Thanks College Academy @ BC for allowing me to keep a social life!
    Steven Bassart, Class of 2010
    University of Miami, Class of 2014
    College Academy @ BC (CA) was by far the best decision and life experience I made during my young adult life.  The school offers a variety of courses available from Broward College and it will also provide the entire experience free of charge.  CA provided me with a stepping stone on the way to the University of Miami (UM) where CA offers both a mix of both high school and college classes, each of which have different expectations from their students.  The main differences were the new found freedoms that CA offered all of its students for example the ability to choose which classes to study, the ability to determine one's schedule (and free time), even the ability to miss classes (from BC) and face the consequences of not learning the material.  The reasons CA does this is because it treats its students as adults. At the same time the CA staff and advisers are always there to offer their guidance and assistance to adjust to these new found freedoms and help to ensure that students graduate with both a high school diploma and A.A. along the way.
    After CA I was able to have all my credits accepted and a scholarship for my studies.  Upon entering the next university, U.M., almost all of the classes are available to choose from because the general requirements had all been completed.  I used this freedom to explore my options to find out where interests truly lie. I have taken this to earn 3 majors and 2 minors before finally deciding to pursue computer science into graduate school.  Without CA I would never have been able to find out what it was I really wanted to do.
    Eduardo Carrera, Class of 2010
    University of Colorado School of Medicine, Class of 2018
    College Academy @ BC helped me to mature as a person and as a student. The professors and staff challenged us to be better every day. They instilled the skills and work ethic that allowed me to succeed in college and enter medical school. Thanks to CA I was able to enhance my education at NSU by taking courses and participating in extracurricular activities I would otherwise not have had the time for. If you want to be successful, you owe it to yourself to enroll in College Academy @ BC.
    Gisela Murrone, Class of 2010
    Princeton University, Class of 2015
    Currently at Princeton University pursuing a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering.  I'm a member of EPICS, Engineering Projects in Community Service and a photographer for the Daily Princetonian. This past summer I had an internship with MIRTHE, Mid-Infrared Technologies for Health and the Environment and am pursuing another internship this summer with Microsoft.  My years at College Academy @ BC prepared me well and guided my learning development, responsibility and exposed me to a broad spectrum of knowledge.
    Trevor Myers, Class of 2010
    University of Florida, Class of 2013
    Georgetown University's Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2016
    The College Academy @ BC prepared me for the rigor and challenges I faced at the university-level. The compassionate and well-respected faculty/staff at CA gave me a solid foundation in the arts, sciences, and humanities that allowed me to discover my own areas of interests and apply them to my studies. I was then able to excel at the University of Florida earning a B.A. in Political Science and B.S. in Telecommunication in just three years, thanks to Bright Futures and other generous scholarship funding. I will now be pursuing my master's degree at Georgetown University's Graduate School of Arts & Sciences in Washington, D.C. this fall.  None of this would be possible without the education and support that I received from CA. 
    JD Odom, Class of 2009
    University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, Class of 2016
    Without a doubt, attending The College Academy @ BC (CA) was one of the best decisions I made during my teenage years. The fact that I graduated high school with an Associate's degree looked great on my college application, and because it was an actual degree every college I applied to accepted the credits. Additionally, all those credits were completely free for me, from tuition to the cost of books, the school paid for everything. However, of all the benefits CA afforded me, the one that struck me the most was the relationships I built with the teachers and staff. The small classes meant that the teachers knew every student, which was invaluable when it came time to get letters of recommendation. Specifically, the principal of the school wrote me an amazing letter I'm sure helped get me into college. The beauty of attending CA was not only that I got an Associate's degree at no cost to me, but also that perusing further education was incredibly easy thanks to the councelors, staff, and structure of the program.