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    I just wanted to take the time out to say how much I appreciate the opportunity given to me by College Academy.  Since graduating in 2015, I have finished my Bachelor's Degree at Florida International University - Free of Charge!  This past Fall, I started Law School just down the street at Nova Southeastern University's Shepard Broad College of Law.  I have achieved all of this at the young age of 19 thanks to CA.  I'm actually the youngest person in the NSU Shepard Broad College of Law, and they mentioned me at orientation (which was both cool and embarrassing).
    I definitely had some challenging times at CA with the new-found work load and responsibility, but now looking back I know that those experiences are what shaped me into the student I am today.  I recommend College Academy to everyone I know who is serious about getting on a fast track with their education.  I just wanted to Thank You and the rest of the CA family for helping to facilitate a program that has positively impacted my life forever.. -- Yasmine, Class of 2015, Nova Southeastern University
    In May, I will graduate from Georgetown's School of Foreign Service with a B.S. in Culture and Politics and a minor in Arabic.  Last year, in 2015,  I was awarded a Critical Language Scholarship to study Arabic at the Noor Majan Institute in Ibri, Oman. I then studied abroad in Rabat, Morocco to continue studying Arabic and intern at Mohammed V University in Rabat.
    Now that I am looking toward the future, I am applying to graduate schools and fellowships that allow me to continue traveling. I just applied to a Fulbright Teaching Position in Jordan, and I am a Charles Rangel Fellowship Finalist.
    The resources provided by the counselors and instructors at CA@BC both empowered and equipped me to take on the endeavors that I have during my time at Georgetown. The CA experience provided students like me with little skill sets, that I took for granted at the time (such as how to formulate a concise argument, creating a resume, time management, office hours &accountability) which have helped me in every job interview, grant application, and course that I have taken since I graduated from CA@BC.  Most importantly, everyone at CA held me to a high standard because they genuinely believed that I was capable to meet that standard, and supported that achievement. That support was something I found to be lacking egregiously in my previous high school. Yet, it is the reason I have a strong sense of confidence in myself (and my decisions) today. You usually don't get that for free. But CA@BC is free! -- Jada, Class of 2013, Georgetown University, Class of 2015
    Being able to attend College Academy @ BC and earn an AA degree at 18 years old gave me both a distinct advantage over other students my age and a vision to what I would like to accomplish during my college years and beyond. I'm now at USF and I couldn't be happier.
    However, unlike many freshman who entered college with just a few AP or IB credits, I was able to get an early registration date and secure the classes I needed simply because I had 60+ credits coming in. I definitely have CA to thank for that. -- Nico, Class of 2013, University of South Florida, Class of 2015
    At the University of Florida, I have been able to pursue two majors (political science and history) and two minors (religion and geography), and still be on track to graduate by 2016. Because of the College Academy @ BC, I have been able to avoid the dreaded assembly hall style "weed out" classes at UF and register for courses that fit my interests, rather than lower level general education courses. The College Academy @ BC has provided me with the social and academic base needed for success at higher levels. -- Fahad, Class of 2013, University of Florida, Class of 2016
    If you're worried that attending College Academy will make you into some sort of undefined quasi high school/college student, then you're right. I graduated from College Academy in the spring of 2012 and I am now a senior at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC. This spring (2014) I will graduate with a degree in Biochemistry and plans to go on to naturopathic medical school. Attending College Academy was probably the second most influential decision of my life so far, right behind attending Warren Wilson College. Taking an advanced, accelerated course load with gifted like-minded classmates was exactly what I needed to get me excited about education and school. As a bonus, I get to graduate college 2 years early which means spending less money, having more time to explore life outside of school and potentially entering graduate school sooner.College Academy doesn't encourage students to race through life to get to a finish line, it shows you that life has no finish line and indeed, everyone takes their own path at their own speed on their own mountain. In a positive way, College Academy shaped how I look at the world, how I view education, and how I value time. I will be 20 with a 4 year degree in my hand, no student loans, and the world in front of me. Not very many people get that opportunity, and I plan to take full advantage of it. --  Katie, Class of 2012, Warren Wilson College, Class of 2014
    The atmosphere at College Academy @ BC paved the way for how I interact with faculty and staff here.  The warm environment at CA helped me cross that barrier of not approaching my teachers and administrators.  I can truly say that because of the conversations I had with my College Academy @ BC teachers, counselors and administrators, I have learned how to approach teachers and engage them in conversations about anything. -- Orlando, Class of 2013, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2015
    I am a 4th year professional Doctor of Pharmacy candidate currently at FAMU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science. After my graduation on May 2014, I will enhance my clinical skills by attending a Physician Assistant program. Thank you College Academy @ BC for the wonderful opportunity of providing superb resources in achieving my goal by giving back to the community!-- Heavenson, Class of 2011, Florida A & M University, Class of 2014
    My time spent at the College Academy @ BC was two of the best years of my life not only because of the amazing student body and exceptional faculty and staff, but also because of the experience I gained. The college exposure and supportive environment allowed me to mature and transition well into a life away from home in the collegiate world. CA gave me the know-how I needed to attend a full honors university and has propelled me along my path to practice veterinary medicine. -- Justin, Class of 2011, Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University, Class of 2014
    I am living the fourth year of an incredibly unique undergraduate engineering experience thanks to College Academy @ BC. After CA, I was able to attend an out-of-state engineering school on an almost-full-ride scholarship.  I've had time to be the president of the Space Club, hike, bike and kayak the local area, and keep up with a church group. Thanks College Academy @ BC for allowing me to keep a social life! -- Christopher,  Class of 2011, Texas A & M University, Class of 2014
    College Academy @ BC (CA) was by far the best decision and life experience I made during my young adult life.  The school offers a variety of courses available from Broward College and it will also provide the entire experience free of charge.  CA provided me with a stepping stone on the way to the University of Miami (UM) where CA offers both a mix of both high school and college classes, each of which have different expectations from their students.  The main differences were the new found freedoms that CA offered all of its students for example the ability to choose which classes to study, the ability to determine one's schedule (and free time), even the ability to miss classes (from BC) and face the consequences of not learning the material.  The reasons CA does this is because it treats its students as adults. At the same time the CA staff and advisers are always there to offer their guidance and assistance to adjust to these new found freedoms and help to ensure that students graduate with both a high school diploma and A.A. along the way.
    After CA I was able to have all my credits accepted and a scholarship for my studies.  Upon entering the next university, U.M., almost all of the classes are available to choose from because the general requirements had all been completed.  I used this freedom to explore my options to find out where interests truly lie. I have taken this to earn 3 majors and 2 minors before finally deciding to pursue computer science into graduate school.  Without CA I would never have been able to find out what it was I really wanted to do. -- Steven, Class of 2010, University of Miami, Class of 2014
    College Academy @ BC helped me to mature as a person and as a student. The professors and staff challenged us to be better every day. They instilled the skills and work ethic that allowed me to succeed in college and enter medical school. Thanks to CA I was able to enhance my education at NSU by taking courses and participating in extracurricular activities I would otherwise not have had the time for. If you want to be successful, you owe it to yourself to enroll in College Academy @ BC. -- Eduardo, Class of 2010, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Class of 2018
    Currently at Princeton University pursuing a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering.  I'm a member of EPICS, Engineering Projects in Community Service and a photographer for the Daily Princetonian. This past summer I had an internship with MIRTHE, Mid-Infrared Technologies for Health and the Environment and am pursuing another internship this summer with Microsoft.  My years at College Academy @ BC prepared me well and guided my learning development, responsibility and exposed me to a broad spectrum of knowledge. -- Gisela, Class of 2010, Princeton University, Class of 2015
    The College Academy @ BC prepared me for the rigor and challenges I faced at the university-level. The compassionate and well-respected faculty/staff at CA gave me a solid foundation in the arts, sciences, and humanities that allowed me to discover my own areas of interests and apply them to my studies. I was then able to excel at the University of Florida earning a B.A. in Political Science and B.S. in Telecommunication in just three years, thanks to Bright Futures and other generous scholarship funding. I will now be pursuing my master's degree at Georgetown University's Graduate School of Arts & Sciences in Washington, D.C. this fall.  None of this would be possible without the education and support that I received from CA. -- Trevor, Class of 2010, University of Florida, Class of 2013, Georgetown University's Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2016
    Without a doubt, attending The College Academy @ BC (CA) was one of the best decisions I made during my teenage years. The fact that I graduated high school with an Associate's degree looked great on my college application, and because it was an actual degree every college I applied to accepted the credits. Additionally, all those credits were completely free for me, from tuition to the cost of books, the school paid for everything. However, of all the benefits CA afforded me, the one that struck me the most was the relationships I built with the teachers and staff. The small classes meant that the teachers knew every student, which was invaluable when it came time to get letters of recommendation. Specifically, the principal of the school wrote me an amazing letter I'm sure helped get me into college. The beauty of attending CA was not only that I got an Associate's degree at no cost to me, but also that perusing further education was incredibly easy thanks to the councelors, staff, and structure of the program. -- JD, Class of 2009, University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, Class of 2016
    I’m currently the VP of Innovation for America’s largest charity (United Way). I loved everything about CA and I’m so grateful that program started when it did." -- Edwin, Class of 2003  
    Got my Bachelor's in Psychology from FAU and my Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from NSU. I'm currently the Clinical Administrator for the Seminole Tribe of Florida's Center for Behavioral Health-Children's Center for Diagnostics and Therapy. CA was an amazing experience that gave me an educational headstart. It helped me learn what I was really capable of." -- Kavita, Class of 2003 
    College academy was truly a great experience! I was pushed beyond my capacity in so many ways because I worked with a class of individuals that strove for success. Sometimes that can be very hard to find. I graduated College Academy with a great GPA, graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s in Business and two minors, and I currently work at McKinsey & Company as an operations supervisor." -- Leann, Class of 2009, University of Miami
    CA allowed me to get a major headstart on my education. Getting an AA at the age of 17 allowed me to finish my BS in Biomedical Sciences at the age of 20. Though I diverted from my original plan to become a doctor, without CA, I would not have been able to finish my BS degree. I then went on to earn a BA in Sign Language Interpreting. Without my first degree, I would not have a niche specialty in interpreting college science classes and medical settings. I am truly grateful for how much CA pushed and challenged me to expand my future career opportunities and get out of my comfort zone. I don't know where I'd be without CA!" -- Rachel, CA Class of 2012, USF Class of 2017
    I’m currently a breaking news reporter for USA Today. I loved College Academy because it gave me the chance to figure out what I really wanted to do as a profession before I graduated from high school. CA also allowed me to finish my AA faster than I otherwise would have, which made it possible for me to really focus on my bachelor’s degree when I got to UF without having to worry about subjects that weren’t designated specifically for my degree. As a result, I was able to do more outside of the classroom in college than I otherwise would have. To this day, CA was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made." -- Sara, CA class of 2015
    "- College Academy was an amazing stepping stone from high school to college. It helped build my independence and responsibility before starting my undergraduate degree. CA also helped keep us on track to apply for schools and earn scholarships, so I didn't pay a dime for my undergraduate degree. College Academy also sounds really impressive when giving a small background about yourself when looking for jobs or research positions. I also made some of my best friends there and it's funny how often you might run into them later in life. College Academy is something really special, and if you have the opportunity to go there, it can really change your life." -- Abigail, CA Class of 2014, FIU Class of 2018(BS in Chemistry), currently in NSU Pharm D. Program 
    " (B.S in Biological and Physical Sciences with a concentration in Cellular Neuroscience, B.A in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Psychology, Certified Student Leader, Max Planck Honors Program Certificate). CA helped me learn what it was like to be a college student before being a "real" college student. The AA degree really enabled me to get straight into my majors as soon as I got to the HC, I also got to pick up an extra degree and a couple of certifications on the way and I'll still be able to graduate in time!" -- Abi,  CA Class of 2016 - Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College class of 2020
    After college academy I got a bachelors or science at FIU. Because of CA I was able to get into a great undergraduate research program at FIU. It paved the way for getting several internships, fellowships, scholarships, and a postbac in biomedical research. I am currently a PhD candidate at Purdue university studying toxicology. I will be doing an internship with Pepsi this summer. As a first generation American and first in my family to pursue a PhD, CA started that path towards upper education for me." -- Janiel, Class of 2011
    Currently working as a Wifi Programming Tech @Spectrum - Out of all my educational experiences College Academy is the best. It boosts your education, saves you money, and provides the freedom and flexibility of a college student to High School students who are driven to be the best and brightest in Broward County. You'll meet like minded peers and make some of the best friends you've ever had. You'll have more fun than you could imagine at the High School that goes to College. Don't pass on the opportunity." -- Syed, Class of 2014 
    College Academy taught me how to network and the basics on leadership that I've been using on my job as a Shift Leader at Dunkin Donuts and as Grocery Clerk at Publix. Thanks to the opportunity given to me by CA I will be graduating hopefully next year with my Bachelors in Supervision and Management and have gotten many doors opened because of it -- Andres,  Class of 2016, Broward College
    CA provided me with lifelong friends, enough flexibility in my schedule that I could work and continue to pursue extracurricular activities, skills to be successful independently, and it kept my love for learning alive. CA made opportunities available for me to further my education when my high school couldn’t and I appreciate it more than words can express. Thank you CA and Broward County for continuing this program to help the high achievers continue to be challenged and rewarded for their hard work! (Fun fact- I’m one of the originals! 2003 was the first class to complete both junior and senior year at CA) -- Brook, Class of 2003, UF and FAU 
    As an attorney for Duane Morris LLP I practice in the area of immigration law with a wide range of experience in a variety of employment-related immigration issues, including: H-1B, TN, L-1A, L-1B, E-1, E-2, O-1, requests for evidence, notices of intent to deny, preparation of immigrant-based petitions (EB-1, EB-2, EB-3), corporate compliance and I-9, focusing on strategic immigration planning for U.S. and international companies for the international relocation of personnel into the United States.
    In my practice I address the visa and work authorization needs of U.S. and global personnel, including professionals, managers and executives, treaty investors/traders, essential workers, persons of extraordinary ability, corporate trainees, and students.

    Additionally, I worked on family-based immigration, naturalization, detention and removal defense cases stemming from unlawful presence, illegal entry into the U.S., criminal infractions, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) petitions, U-Visas for victims of crimes and a wide range of asylum cases as well as federal court litigation, drafting complaints and motions for summary judgment and motions to reopen.
     -- Tatiana, Class of 2003, St. Thomas School of Law 
    College Academy was a blessing to attend. It taught me the responsibility needed for college and allowed me to complete many of the pre-reqs needed for physical therapy school. Graduated with my Doctorate of Physical therapy degree this past May at age 24 and am currently working at Memorial hospital -- Christine, Class of 2013, University of Miami
    CA taught me so much about college and life in general. I gained confidence in talking to professors as well as peers and gained experience in time management and studying skills. Having the freedom to pick my own schedule taught me to take control of my time and do my research for classes and programs.

    CA also taught me the importance of getting involved in extra-curricular activities and internships. During my time at CA I was involved in NHS, clubs through BC, as well as volunteer programs in the community.

    Getting my AA before leaving for college gave me the time to figure out what I wanted to major in. Once I figured it out, it gave me the opportunity to pursue a dual degree in Communication and English as well as a minor in ASL/Deaf Studies and participate in numerous internships at the University of North Florida, while still graduating in a timely manner.

    I credit this experience and these skills with helping me to start my career in TV production with a job at WSVN-Channel 7 News as a chyron operator.

    I would definitely recommend College Academy to high school students, it’s an overall great experience academically and socially and students do truly learn many different life skills. 
    -- Jan, Class of 2013, UNF 
    CA gave me the competitive edge I needed to land the dream job I currently have. As a freshman, I was accepted as an engineering intern because of my Junior college status with my AA degree. That three year internship gave me hands on experience that gave me a competitive edge over other students. It also introduced me to DoD design, a field I am still currently in. I accepted a job from LGS Innovations, formally Bell Labs, immediately after college. I started working in the field that wanted and is also paying for my Masters program. When you're in the early stages of your career and need to separate yourself from the pack, CA is the way to go. I have more years of experience in the engineering field than others my age directly because of CA.
     -- Mary, Class of 2012, University of South Florida 
    CA was a great opportunity to gather lifelong experiences and friends. Today I'm a Captain in the United States Marine Corps and I pilot the MV-22B Osprey. With multiple deployments under my belt, I've seen many of my peers having to make extra sacrifices studying for their post-graduate degrees while in a foreign country with limited connectivity. I thank CA for allowing me to complete those degrees at an earlier age and focus on the fight at hand. -- John, CA Class of 2006, FAU Class of 2008 

    CA was an amazing opportunity that prepared me for college, graduate school, and my dream job. I made amazing lifelong friends at CA who I still hang out with and I can’t imagine my life without attending College Academy. I earnedmy B.S. in Chemistry from the University of South Florida in 2017 and I earned a M.S. in Food Science from Florida State University in 2019. I am currently employed at Nestlé. I can’t thank College Academy enough for all that it has done for me.
     -- Andrea, Class of 2014 
    CA helped me dream bigger and think more creatively about my education. Only doing two years of undergrad post-CA gave me the time and financial freedom to pursue other interests, travel the world, and realize my goal of becoming an advocate for women's health as an OB/GYN. CA was a game-changer. -- Katie, Class of 2012, Warren Wilson College Class of 2014, UNC School of Medicine Class of 2021
    CA gave me the opportunity to meet great people who had similar minds, hopes and dreams. Because of the early start in pursuing credits towards my college degree, it allowed me to finish a Bachelor's in Biology and minor in health disparities in 3 years at UF. After that, I worked as a medical scribe for a year to earn hours for PA school and finished PA school at the age of 24. I can't thank College Academy enough for giving me a head start which allowed me to have more time to work towards my goals and finish them at a young age. -- Priya, CA class of 2013, UF class of 2016, NSU Physician Assistant Program class of 2019 
    College Academy allows you to work with a diverse group of students while you all have a strive for attaining an exceptional education to reach your goals. I've made friends that I still talk to almost daily and hang out with every time I visit back home. I earned my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Central Florida in 2017. Got a great job at the age of 22 with Boeing working as an Equipment & Tool Engineer for the 777/777X programs in Everett, WA. I'm about to hit my one year mark with Boeing and I'm excited to see where I am 5 years from now. -- Jonathan, CA Class of 2014
    College Academy gave me the ability to express myself as a leader and explore my own possibilities while continuing to move myself forward in my studies. Graduating with my AA allowed me to skip a year of Gen Ed, which allowed me to graduate as part of Florida State University’s Film School’s Class of 2015. After graduating, I went to work an internship at Disney World as a Photographer. After my internship, I went Full Time and networked my way into opportunities as a Production Assistant for a brief period - working on the big Disney Christmas Parade tapings, a few FreeForm specials, a couple weeks’ worth of Wheel of Fortune tapings, and some various other little filmings here and there. I now work as an Entertainment Technician at the Magic Kingdom where I get to help make magic come to life through our various number of live shows from maintaining lights and running spotlights to loading pyrotechnics for our nighttime spectacular - my focus is in video so I work a lot on the projections on Cinderella Castle but they give me quite a variety of everything!

    College Academy gave me skills that I needed to succeed even in times where I may not be the most knowledgeable in my role, and the courage to pursue that infamous “Keep Moving Forward” attitude with large dreams that College Academy helped make possible by showing me that there’s always going to be doors open in every which direction you turn. Getting the experience on a college campus truly helped me to be prepared for the next steps in life.
     -- Nikki, CA Class of 2012
    CA Class of 2013.  - CA was a great opportunity for me to complete my studies in a shorter time frame and allowed me to experience a taste of what college would be like at an earlier age. It gave me the independence I needed and taught me responsibility and accountability. I’m so glad I went to College Academy! -- Rebecca, CA Class of 2013, Rollins College Class of 2015, FIU Doctorate of Physical Therapy Class of 2018
     I can truly say that College Academy changed my life. Because I started college early, I was able to get my Masters degree at age 22 and start my career as an Occupational therapist. CA thought me good work ethic and hard working attitude. Not only did I say money but also time. I was the youngest in the masters program and the youngest therapist in the hospital that I work. I am luck to have had the privilege of attending such a great program. -- Zerlaine, CA Class of 2013- Florida international University for (2013-2015) BS in Psycholoy & (2015-2017) MS in Occupational Therapy
     CA gave me an outlet to focus on my studies and be challenged by an extraordinary group of peers. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get a college experience early on, which allowed me to transition into a traditional college setting with ease. I have made long term friendships and gained an extent of knowledge that I will value forever. -- Vanessa, CA class of 2013, FSU class of 2014, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate NSU 2021

    CA surrounded me with people who were pursuing excellence and it propelled me higher academically. It was inspiring to be around such hardworking and brilliant individuals and it really opened my eyes to the variety of careers that I could pursue. It gave me more perspective and hands-on experience than traditional high school ever did. -- Malcolm, CA Class of 2007 - University Class of 2012, Full Sail MSc Class of 2014
    By high school, I actually already had a good idea of what field I wanted to go into: English. Attending CA let me get a jump start on my desired English degree. Not only did this expedite my time at college, but it also gave me a competitive edge when applying for universities thereafter. I was accepted to all of the universities I applied for, and each one offered scholarships. The one I ended up going to actually offered me more than enough for my remaining time at college, leaving me with no debt whatsoever upon my graduation and extra money to do short study tour programs in Italy and Japan. Because of the amount of money I saved during CA and afterward, I was able to afford my education without worrying about whether my English degree would pay for itself during my career. I was able to get the degree I truly wanted, rather than what is typically considered "profitable." CA also made my transition into my university much easier, as I was already accustomed to the independence and responsibility necessary to succeed in college. I made incredible friends as well, whom I still talk to to this day. Currently I work at an immigration firm, where I write legal documents and letters for overseas scientists trying to get their visas to continue their research in the US. This job is honestly perfect for me and allows me use my passion (writing) for a cause that I believe in and that gives me fulfillment. I would definitely not be where I am today and as happy as I am today if not for CA. The program is a worthwhile and valuable experience, and I highly recommend it. I am so incredibly grateful for it. -- Melissa, Class of 2013 - University of Missouri, St. Louis 
     I’m now working as an investigative reporter in Fort Myers, FL. No matter what your career path, College Academy will prepare you with all (or close to all) the credits you need to jump right into your major classes, help you transition seamlessly into a university setting, and let you enjoy your college years without having to worry about or pay for classes you’re not interested in. I’m very glad I had the opportunity to attend CA. -- Sara, CA Class of 2014, Undergrad Graduate 2017 & Graduate school 2018, Univertiy of Florida. 
    CA is the road less traveled. Challenging the traditional route of high school and choosing a program where you have to be self motivated and adaptable. In college I interned for Mitsubishi Power Systems. I got an ME and now I design electric cars in Japan. I'll be getting my Masters degree abroad. -- Rae, Class of 2014 - University of Central Florida 
    I’m currently the VP of Innovation for America’s largest charity (United Way). I loved everything about CA and I’m so grateful that program started when it did. -- Edwin, Class of 2003