• School Advisory Council

    School Improvement is an absolute priority for all Broward schools. To make it happen, every school has a School Advisory Council (SAC) which studies the school's track record and comes up with an annual plan to improve education in vital areas such as: student achievement, curriculum, safety and discipline. These plans are on file at every school. Call us, or join us for our monthly meetings if you would like to be a part of this great team.

    What is the SAC?

    The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a team of people representing various segments of the community–parents, teachers, students, administrators, support staff, business/ industry people and other interested community members. SAC member gather to discuss the school’s academic plan and progress. SAC discusses the School Improvement Plan - a plan made of goals and objectives established by School Staff and SAC, for the school determined by needs. The purpose of the School Improvement Plan is to increase student performance.

    • SAC assists the school principal with budget and recommendations on how school monies are spent or allocated.
    • SAC provides a place where parents can voice their opinions and suggestions. They have an active role in making decisions that will best serve the students.
    • SAC gives the opportunity for parents to actively participate in setting goals and making plans to achieve those academic goals. SAC is actively involved in developing the annual School Involvement Plan (SIP).
    • SAC allows for parents to identify all issues that need to be addressed concerning the school climate.


    All meetings after September 2015, will be held on the second Wednesday of the month, and begin at 2:15 PM on in our Media Center.  An emergency meeting may be called by the SAC chairperson. An emergency meeting may also be requested in writing, by any three members and delivered to the SAC chairperson