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    Prospective students (and parents). We want to welcome you to Sheridan Technical High School.

  • post 2

    Posted by c on 5/30/2018

    end of may. may day may day

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  • Test 1

    Posted by susan collins on 5/1/2018

    This is the first test post

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  • who is this

    Posted by:

    who am i . but a man. nobody knows.

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  • why sheridan

    Posted by:

    well that is a good question. i will try to be as objective as possible. great school. good readiness for college. scholarship based focus. etc etc sdfajasdfkhasdjkfhdsjkfhdsjkafh dsfhjkdshfkdasjhfjkdsahfkjads dhfjaksdhfjkadshfjasdhf sdhfjkhdsjkfhsda jkfhasdjkh  dsafjhdsajkfhaskdjh dsfhsadjkhfak dshjfkdsahkfjadsh fjkf hsadjdkfhaksjdf

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