• Lion's P.A.W.  2018-2019 Payment & Fee's Information 



    Lion’s P.A.W. Before & Aftercare Fee’s


    Morning: 7:00am - 8:45am

    Afternoons: 3:45pm-7:00pm (Grades K-8)

    Afternoons: 3:15pm - 7:00pm (Pre-K)



    Siblings receive a 5% Discount as indicated below:

    Registration per family



    Before Care

    $79 per child

    Aftercare Pre-K


    Aftercare K-8


    Sibling discount  K-8

    $149 (1st child)  + $142 (2nd child)

    Families with Pre-K child and K-8 child

    $172 (pre-K child) + $142 (K-8 child)

    Families with (2) Pre-K children

    $172 + $163


    Please note: The School Advisory Council will be voting in late September to add an $18 Activity Fee per month/per child. The 3rd payment period will reflect the increased cost.





    If payment is not made by the LAST DAY to pay, the child is withdrawn from the program and a re-registration fee must be paid to re-enter program. All late pick up fees MUST be paid BEFORE the next payment attendance period. If not paid, the fees will become an obligation attached to student’s financial records.

    The program operates every school day, including Early Release days, for Before Care Program from 7:00 a.m.-8:45 a.m. and After School Program from dismissal time until 7:00 p.m. A late pick up fee will be charged when child is not picked up by program closing time.

    Please check out Broward Schools Before and After School Care Site Here!