High School Resources

  • Teacher Pathway Initiative (TPI):

    United States Department of Education program to increase the number of Computer Science/Information Technology (CS/IT) teachers Districtwide.  Participating teachers are enrolled in college courses through Broward College; which will deepen their depth of knowledge in CS/IT.  This program will increase the number of Business Education 6-12 and Engineering and Technology Education 6-12 certified teachers which will lead to new and enhanced CTE programming.


    Career & College Transition Clubs:

    The purpose of the CCT Clubs is to increase awareness of the Florida Post-secondary Comprehensive Transition Program opportunities and help students with intellectual and other disabilities prepare for and access those opportunities within BCPS. CCT Clubs will be inclusive with non-disabled peers, with club advisors supporting students to learn and explore career pathways and post-secondary education options. Students will work together to identify and explore college and career opportunities, engage in mentoring, and participate in events and activities within the school, community to build college and career transition plans.