Christi Moss, Curriculum Supervisor/Site Administrator

  • Welcome to Gulfstream Early Learning Center.  We are thrilled to begin the 2020-2021 school year by adding additional three and fours Head Start classes.  We will continue to serve, infants, toddlers in Early Head Start, three and four year old Head Start classes as well as 4 year old VPK classes at Gulfstream.  Additionally, we are excited to offer a FREE extended day program for up to 40 of our 4 year old preK students in conjunction with Memorial Healthcare System through a grant with United Way.

    • We will be back in the building starting School started on Friday, October 9, 2020   
    • All children receive free breakfast. Additionally, all CHILDREn will receive FREE lunch until December, 2020.
    • VPK students must apply and be approved to receive free or reduced price lunch after December, 2020.
    • We do not require school uniforms, but children should be comfortable to play inside or outside. 
    • Due to covid-19, until further information, ALL CHILDREN TWO AND OLDER, AND ADULTS MUST WEAR MASKS WHILE ON CAMPUS.
    • Children need tennis shoes (not sandals) for safety reasons. 
    • We like for our students to have REGULAR SIZED BACK PACKS (no rolling wheels). 
    • Your child will need a small blanket (or beach towel) to cover with during nap time. 
    • And, a change of clothes in a plastic bag inside the book bag in the event of a spill or accident. 

    We recommend that you invest in a Sharpie permanent marker and mark all items on the inside tag with your child’s name.  This helps us to get any/all misplaced items back to their rightful owner.

    We look forward to welcoming your child, you, and your family into Gulfstream Early Learning Center!

    Best regards,

    Christi Moss