Assistant Principal's Message

  • Dr. Cooper

    Dear AWE Students, Staff, Families, and Community Members,

    I am extremely excited and honored to be an Assistant Principal here at the Awesome Atlantic West Elementary School. I will promote positive energy here on our campus and expect for all our students and staff members to be problem solvers, respectful towards each other, and be cooperative always with a smile.

    As your Assistant Principal, I am dedicated to Educational Equity and will meet the needs of all our students by assisting teachers with providing quality academic instruction and providing a safe environment. I will continue to provide students with incentives on a bi-weekly basis for showing positive behavior in the cafeteria, walking in the hallway nicely and calmly, and reading outside their classrooms while they wait patiently on school to start.

    I am extremely excited and looking forward to a fun filled educational adventure here at AWE.


    Dr. Latonya L. Cooper, Ed.D