• As a member of the IRMS Bands, students will be learn how to:

    • Develop musical intuition and technical skills to better express themselves through the music

    • Participate with enthusiasm as a member of team of musicians to achieve a common goal with peers

    • Be literate and well versed in the use and notation and musical vocabulary

    • Understand a history of music and the sequence for how music developed into what it is today

    • Be well informed of scholarship and career opportunities within the music field

    • Develop essential skills to succeed in life such as self-discipline, organization, responsibility, cooperation and empathy.

    • Improve self-esteem and confidence through hard work, persistence, and grit.

    • Show pride in accomplishment through band opportunities and individual honors

    • Transfer the excellence of musicianship to other areas of their academic, social, and personal life

    • Educate parents, school and community about the importance of music in society by maintaining high levels of performance, visibility and involvement.

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