National Junior Honor Society

  • National Junior Honor Society (or NJHS) is a worldwide organization that consists of many chapters in middle schools (grades 6-8). Selection is based on five criteria: citizenship, service, leadership, scholarship, and character. Members must maintain a high grade-point average (the national minimum is a 3.5) and become good citizens (by participating in service projects). The NJHS requires some sort of school service to the community, school, or other organizations. The projects help students meet the required service hour total monthly.

    NJHS is:

    • a co-curricular activity that actively supports the educational goals of the middle school 

    • an opportunity to involve chapter members in significant learning experiences, especially in the area of service 

    • inclusive -- open to all students who choose to apply themselves and consequently meet the five established criteria of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character 

    • a chance for the faculty to bestow membership; this membership is a privilege for, not a right of students [based on stellar academic performance AND excellent character.] 


    NJHS is NOT:

    • extra-curricular in nature; it is not a club to join, but rather an organization. 

    • discriminatory, where special privileges are granted to a select few. Instead, membership, itself, is inclusive, open to all who meet the entrance criteria and also considered as a privilege (Cumulative Grade Point Average must be an un-weighted 3.50 or above) 

    • an honor roll (more factors are considered in the selection process than just grades) 

    • inappropriately exclusive -- as with the definition of any selection process, NJHS will exclude those who do not meet the standards; a fair and consistently applied set of procedures which are well-known to the entire school community can promote membership opportunity to all.