Assistant Principal

  • Dr. Tangela Williams-Daniel

    Dr. Daniel, Assistant Principal

    Dear Students, Staff, and Parents:

    I am honored to serve as the Coral Park Elementary School Assistant Principal.   Congratulations on a successful school year, and knowing that our students are properly prepared to be 21st Century thinkers and learners, who have the ability to use critical thinking skills, creativity, collaboration, and communication to develop their decision-making and problem solving skills. It is our goal to ensure that our teachers and staff receive quality on-going professional development, so that our students can engage in inquiry-based learning and rigorous content, in an effort for our teachers to challenge all of our students to explore real-world problems and engage in meaningful learning.

    The Coral Park Elementary administration and teachers hold the highest standards for all of our students, because high expectations for student respect, responsibility, and integrity help create a positive learning environment where all of our students can feel enthusiastic about their everyday school experiences. It is our goal for each child to reach their greatest potential both academically and behaviorally, along with being fully prepared for success in college and in their future career.  It is my belief that this is the type of culture where all stakeholders in our school community can thrive and develop into life-long learners.

    I am delighted to be a new part of the Coral Park community, to support our teachers and families in preparing our students for success, as well as being able to collaborate with the staff, students, parents and community members. Please know that I am always available to you. 

    Educationally yours,

    Dr. Tangela Williams-Daniel                                                                       

    Assistant Principal