• Arrival Procedures

    There is no supervision on campus prior to 7:40 AM unless student is enrolled in Before Care. The perimeter gates to the school will be closed until 7:40am.
    At 7:40 AM, gate #5:  buses/daycare vans and gate #3 will be opened for student arrival access. Please keep traffic moving by staying in your cars and not parking in the fire lane.

    If you need to attend a conference or come into the front office at any time, please enter gate #5 and park in designated parking spots in the East parking lot near front of the school.

  • Dismissal Procedures

  • Car Riders

    All car rider dismissal will take place in the front of the school off Pasadena Blvd, Gate 3, Car Rider Loop.  There are designated student waiting locations for all grade levels. Students who have younger siblings are to go and stand with their younger sibling in the car loop area. Parents will pull up to the farthest point/sign to pick up their students. 

    Please follow these instructions:

    Put your car dismissal tag on your rearview mirror under the visor on the PASSENGER side so that staff can see the names. You can pick this up at the Meet & Greet or on the first day of school.

    PLEASE PULL ALL THE WAY FORWARD--DO NOT STOP AND BLOCK THE CAR LINE. We will direct your child to you. It is easier to pull as many cars forward and fill those cars than to load one car at time.

    STAY IN THE YOUR LANE! Students will NOT be allowed to enter cars NOT in the pick-up lane.

    DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR AND GET OUT. You must remain with your vehicle at all times. You may not get out of the car to look for your child. You will be directed where to stop and wait for your child to come to you.

    DRIVE SLOWLY AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTION OF SCHOOL PERSONNEL. Your patience is appreciated with this new traffic pattern. Please follow the direction of school personnel and demonstrate respect and courtesy for your fellow citizens.

  • Walkers

    Walkers will be able to exit the school via the walker gate on Pasadena Blvd, Gate #2.

    All walkers will be dismissed on their own from Gate #2. Please make sure that your student knows where to go and what to do. 

    Due to the high volume of traffic and for safety reasons, all students must go directly home and not linger around. There is NO supervision on campus after 2:30 PM.

  • Bus Riders

    In order for your child to be dismissed on a bus, they MUST be on the bus list for that bus. All students on a SBBC bus will have a bus pass to ride the bus.

    If the student is to go home on a private aftercare provider (Knob Hill, La Petite, etc.), that agency MUST provide a list with your child's name on it.  If their name is NOT on the list, they will NOT be able to ride that bus. It is imperative that you make sure the private provider has your child on their list.

     A student cannot be taken off the bus for a change of dismissal without proof of the change in writing from the parent/guardian.