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    Things You Can Do at Home to Help Your Child:

    • Ask your child about school and take an interest in what they are learning.
    • Make sure they get enough sleep.
    • Make sure they eat a good breakfast.
    • Make every effort to have your child at school and on time every day.
    • Make sure your student has supplies for school
    • Keep communication with teachers and your student

    How can I see my child’s grades on Pinnacle?

    (Here is how to set up automatic e-mail Pinnacle Gradebook Alerts.)

    (You can customize the report types & frequency – and it only takes about 5 minutes!!)

    1. Log into Broward County’s Gradebook Website – https://gb.browardschools.com/Pinnacle/Gradebook
    2. You will need the following information to log in:

    Your child’s Student ID number@my.browardschools.com (user name) and birthdate Pmm/dd/yyyy (password)     Example: November 26, 2000 would be entered as P11/26/2000.

    1. In the left menu on the screen, set up your Profile. Here you can add multiple email addresses.
    2. Then, under Options, click on Notifications.
    3. Then customize the Report Options: Grade Summary (provides current grade in every class); Automatic Class Grade Notification (alerts if a particular class’s grade drops below your pre-set level); Automatic Unexcused Absence (alerts if student is entered as unexcused in any class); Attendance Summary (summarized attendance record), etc. Simply check off the reports you want to receive, set the frequency, and choose the e-mail.  Click  “Save” and you will be set for alerts.